Wipolo turns your flights, trains and hotels confirmation emails into beautiful trip itinerary simply by forwarding an email!

How does it work?


Forward your booking confirmation emails to go@wipolo.com

Whatever your booking websites are (Air France, SNCF, booking.com, avis ...), after you have booked your trip just forward your booking confirmation email to go@wipolo.com

What kind of booking works with Wipolo?
Wipolo works with your flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, shows, ...
The Wipolo technology supports more than 3000 booking confirmation email formats from travel providers so wherever you booked yours, give it a try!


Wipolo turns your emails in a mobile and fun trip itinerary!

Our robot will analyze the content of the email and extract useful information to create your tripbook with your travel itinerary and all the important details of your bookings. Within a few minutes your tripbook is ready, accessible from the web and from your mobile.

Be Careful :
For Wipolo to identify you and add your trip itinerary to your Wipolo account, your email must be sent from one of these email addresses:

If you want to forward your booking confirmation emails from other addresses you can add them below to your Wipolo account

Add more addresses to your Wipolo account ?


1) Personal information can be found in my emails, can I delete them?
You can remove personal information as long as you leave the travel information...

2) Does Wipolo work with past trip emails?
Of course! Wipolo technology works with emails from past trips so do not hesitate to forward past trip emails to build your travel history.

3) I sent an email but nothing happens, why?
Be patient, the process may take a few minutes. You can also check if the email address from which you forward your emails is linked to your Wipolo account, if not add this address to your Wipolo account.

4) I'm not sure my booking confirmation email will work with the Wipolo. Should I try?
Wipolo works with emails from more than 3000 travel providers in more than 10 languages so do not hesitate to forward your emails wherever it comes !

5) What if I have no booking confirmation email?
If you do not have booking confirmation emails you always can add your itineraries and trip booking details from the web and from your iPhone application.