Organize your trip

Your travel and itinerary page

Locate all your travel details on the web and mobile, including reservations, departure times, e-tickets, rentals, restaurants, and shows – all conveniently available on your itinerary and map.

Automatically create your itineraries

Automatically create your itineraries by sending your confirmation emails to Our semantic engine extracts the essential information to create your travel itinerary, and is compatible with over 3,000 travel providers. If you have doubts, try it out!

Synchronize your calendar

Sync your calendar with Wipolo to automatically load your travel details onto your calendar. How do I sync my calendar?

Travel history

Access the details of your travel history on your trip list and map. Which hotels did you stay in last year in Barcelona? What are the exact dates of your trip to Thailand two years ago? All these are available on your Wipolo profile.

Check hotel prices

With a single click, view all the hotels at your travel destination available on the dates of travel. We work with world-class partners to guarantee the best rates (Expedia and

Carbon footprint

Thanks to GoodPlanet’s carbon footprint calculator, you can automatically calculate your yearly carbon footprint on Wipolo.


Once your trip is loaded, we will search for real-time weather of your next destination.