About Wipolo

What is Wipolo?

Wipolo is a free online and mobile service for organizing travel itineraries and sharing trips with friends and family.
All your trip plans are available anytime and anywhere on your mobile; Wipolo works even offline. The only thing you have to do is to forward your booking emails to go@wipolo.com, then Wipolo will take care of the rest.
Wipolo allows you to share automatically your travel news with your friends and to follow their travel activity too. Together, exchange your tips about your mutual destinations.


  • 1998: Engineers passionate about traveling considered an idea that would simplify the life of a traveler. They sent a proposal to American Express, but it was still too early...
  • 2008: With online travel largely developed and smartphones gathering popularity, travelers were ready to take on an innovative service: Wipolo was born.
  • 2009: The first version of Wipolo was created. Travelers would now be able to connect to their travel information on their iPhones.
  • May 2010: Wipolo became available on the web. Travelers would also be able to connect to their travels on www.wipolo.com
  • Early 2012: The integration of Wipolo and Facebook allows users to connect their travels and share travel stories with friends and family.

Why " Wipolo " ?

The name "Wipolo" has 3 origins: Marco Polo, the great Italian explorer of the 13th century. Wikipedia, for its reference to free and universal knowledge, and WIFI for its constant reminder of our mobile and connected world. If Marco Polo lived in the 21st century, he would be called Wipolo. ;)