Never forget to forward your booking emails to anymore, let Wipolo do it for you!


Auto import, what is it for?

Have you ever forgotten to forward your booking emails to Avoid having an incomplete trip itinerary or none at all, use the auto import feature! You don’t need to forward your emails, Wipolo does it for you.

How does it work?

You sync your mailbox with your Wipolo account. Then, when you will receive a booking email in the future, it will automatically be processed and your trip itinerary created.

Start Auto Import
It is very secured. Our robot only process emails from travel providers:, Agoda, British Airways, AirBnB…

Nota Bene
The auto import feature is available for some providers, none all of them. If you made a booking on an other provider website, you will have to forward your booking email to, like you are used to do it. Check out the list of the providers supported below:


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